The handsome and Italian, Michele Morrone, has our hearts here at BELLO. Actor and singer, there isn’t anything he can’t do. You may recognize him from the Netflix film “365 Days.” From hot and steamy, to soft and romantic, the multi-faceted diamond also recently released the music video for his song “Beautiful.” Truly a ballad/homage to the woman in question, Morrone will have your heart growing and glowing as you take in his words and watch the amazing visuals in the video!

Throughout the video, you are taken on a journey through a field where the couple finds themselves singing and dancing as well as riding horses and sitting around a bonfire. A mirror between Morrone following this white horse and watching his beautiful lady be free, the whole video brings a sense of fire, passion, and love to our eyes.

It is no secret that Italians are on the romantic side and through his different projects and talents, Michele Morrone brings out the fire and sweetness we all dream of having in a relationship! Ladies and gentlemen, grab a glass of wine, kick back, and enjoy all that Michele Morrone has to offer.

By Alexandra Bonnet