Bounce, Inc., a technology startup based in SF has launched its platform in its seventh city– Los Angeles! Bounce is a platform for booking daily and hourly storage for people to leave their things when they’re out and about in the city. 

Bounce has 100+ locations currently in New York, SF, Chicago, Austin, D.C. and Philly. These locations are small businesses that have extra space designated for storing things securely with Bounce. There is a $2500 insurance on each booking, and you can store your luggage for just $5.90 a day. 

The app is helpful for going to an event after work, traveling into a new city, running errands, or anyone who has luggage they don’t want to *lug* around. 

Bounce is also very beneficial to the small businesses that store luggage. Not only do they get a commission for every bag stored, but it also increases foot traffic in their business. People dropping off their bags at a restaurant may decide they’d also want a bite to eat. 

You can use Bounce and access their many locations through their app or on


By: Shannen Tierney

Photo: Courtesy of Bounce