Magic Men Live has arrived in Los Angeles at the Avalon Hollywood & Bardot! With nine new show dates, their first one debuting last weekend on January 18th, this show is prepared to give women the night of their life.

It is described as a unique concert show experience. Featuring a cast of diverse, unique, and extremely talented performers, Magic Men Live goes beyond the stereotypes and transforms the space into a haven for women, a space free from society’s social constructs.

The ideal experience for a night out with the girls, women are encouraged to wear whatever makes them feel most comfortable and sexy, whether that be loose jeans or a cocktail dress. They then are invited to sit back, relax, and enjoy this ‘high-energy, interactive and intensely immersive experience”.

In coordination with their theme of empowerment and creating a safe space, this Saturday January 25, Magic Men Live will be beginning a fundraiser for Face Forward, an organization that provides “emotional support and reconstructive surgery for women, children, and men who have been victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, or any cruel and criminal acts” (

The Alessi family founded Face Forward in 2007, finding that while there were services to provide the reconstructive surgery that these survivors needed, they were often at a high cost and without any support for them post-surgery.

Face Forward believes that regardless of income level, these survivors should have the chance to rebuild their lives after their ordeals. Despite the high cost of surgery, Face Forward aims to provide emotional counseling and physical support these survivors need at no cost. Face Forward not only provides the surgery, but also aftercare support to help integrate their survivors back into society to live happy and productive lives.

From January 25-March 14, Magic Men Live will be partnering with Face Forward to raise funds. By using the promo code FACEFORWARD from January 25 – March 14th, 30% of the proceeds will support Face Forward’s survivors and you will receive a 10% discount on the tickets.

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To learn more about Face Forward and donate, visit:

By Andrea Carvajal