With the holiday season fast approaching, this year’s celebration looks and feels quite different from past years. As we become more mindful of our own practices and purchases, it’s fitting to gift our loved ones in the same approach of quality over quantity. With the changes our world has endured in the last year, it is clear that what once seemed simple, has become complicated, and that is where people are here to help! In this case, it is shopping for others that are made easy in a time where leaving the house for gift-shopping has become tedious and dangerous.

Enter BREE JACOBY: Home of Style, the experiential approach to gift-giving. BREE JACOBY is the bespoke personal styling service that truly guides members into thoughtful investment purchases that last forever and create elevated, confident inner selves. Their expansive a la carte menu includes closet edits, personal styling + shopping, sourcing exclusive pieces, custom tailoring, and digitizing your entire wardrobe.

Available as a gift card or through personalized one-on-one consultation, the ultimate gift for anyone in your life (including those who seem to have everything), Bree and her team of expert stylists are here. Here at BELLO, we absolutely love the concept and recommend you to check it out!