Omer Paracha, the youngest Hollywood executive producer from Pakistan, released his first feature film Echo Boomers last Friday. The film stars Patrick Schwarzenegger, Alex Pettyfer, Hayley Law, Oliver Cooper, Academy Award nominee Lesley Ann Warren and two-time Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon. The film follows a group of twenty-somethings stealing and destroying the homes of Chicago’s wealthy.

Echo Boomers is the directorial debut of Seth Savoy in which Paracha reflected “Working closely with the Director Seth Sevoy and Producer Mike Ware has taught me a lot. I definitely want to implement the knowledge I gained from them in future productions.”

This film is a milestone in Paracha’s career which is opening doors to more collaboration and new achievements. Paracha hopes to bridge the gap between Pakistan and the rest of the world in the entertainment industry. He shared “There is a huge market for multicultural films in Pakistan. I hope to create more opportunities for both sides to work closely together. It would be great to see Pakistan in a better light in this industry and I plan to make it happen.”

Paracha has a lot of faith in the lasting effects movies have on audiences and how they create change. He believes “that movies have a lot of influence on people. They provide a platform to highlight social and cultural issues. It’s important to produce something worthy that leaves a positive impact on the audience.” You can watch Echo Boomers in theaters and on streaming services now, and make sure to keep an eye out for his future projects!

By Aris Pangan