During lockdown, some of you have been playing gym. With your perfect body, you need a swimsuit to be the most beautiful on the beach. Bello has selected for you a brand of swimsuit created by the renowned model Candice Swanepoel: TROPIC OF C. 

TROPIC OF C is influenced by nature and inspired by the female form. It’s an eco-lifestyle brand born from a life spent at the beach. The nature is their ultimate muse creating their distinct approach to color, texture and pattern. Each piece is crafted with love and respect for the planet. 

The brand has purpose, partnering with like-minded people to make a positive impact on the environment & beyond. From their fabrics to the finishing touches and everything in between, their continually aim to reduce the environmental impact of their production through ongoing sustainable fabric development and refining our manufacturing processes.

TROPIC OF C create partnerships and programs that support women around the globe. from commissioning products from artisan groups in the developing world to their commitment to organizations like mothers2mothers, female empowerment is central to their mission

A sexy and colorful selection for a perfect summer: 

By Justine Duclaux

Photos: Website