« New York » or the art of wandering in an eponym city, in search of its electric atmosphere. A dense vapor coming out of an underground station, a loud cab passing through, the sound of an 80s dance music tune coming along, some sirens distantly ringing out, the wide and long passing pavement’s avenues. Sipping a cocktail in this con dential place to be reminded of the legendary character of Carrie Bradshaw* and her assumed frivolous femininity.

New York, here we are!

ZOOBEETLE Paris is a luxury leather goods brand, of which lines are thought by women for women. Over the years, ZOOBEETLE Paris has developed a strong commitment to support women and gender equality. The brand actively collaborates with NGO, such as Led by HER and Her Fund, and with female entrepreneurs and artists to promote their works and actions in Paris and Hong Kong.


www.zoobeetle.com / @zoobeetle 


Château ZOOBEETLE, Concept Store 38 Sai Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong +852 5331 5126

ZOOBEETLE PARIS, Boutique & Showroom 14, rue Saint-Roch 75001 Paris +33