Who would win a trivia game about you?
Play PANDO to find out.

In a world where party games have deteriorated into cheap, prepubescent humor, PANDO is a breath of fresh air. During the game, players are semi-politely forced to spill the beans about their personal life as they find out how well their peers and family members really know them. PANDO is a lounge and play game, there is no need to gather around a table and pass out pencils.

Take a peek at a few of PANDO’s prying questions here.

Draw a card and read the questions aloud. See who amongst your group answers correctly. You’re sure to learn something new about your significant other, best friend, daughter, or mother with nearly a thousand questions you never thought to ask.

  • Do I tend to embellish the truth?
  • Have I ever dumped someone with a text?
  • When flying, do I prefer the window or the aisle seat?
  • How old was I when I started walking?
  • Generally speaking, am I naughty or nice?

You’ll laugh until it hurts and maybe blush a few times too. It’s a hilarious way to find out who knows the most about you. No pens, no paper, no scorecards required – bring it along to a restaurant or to your next family get together (great for ages 14+, 4 to 10 players).

PANDO is a must-have holiday gift at $25. Friends and families everywhere will appreciate the life of the party hiding in a little black box.