From one half of Hollywood’s favorite couple comes the incredible podcast, “Armchair Expert” with Dax Shepard and his “soulmate” Monica Padman.  Though audiences may already know Shepard as a lovable comedian honest about his struggle with addiction and his love for Kristen Bell, Shepard becomes much more than just another celebrity in the zeitgeist, proving his ability as a brilliant interviewer, host, friend, and polymath.  His co-host, who bears the moniker “Miniature Mouse,” lends her sweet voice and strong opinions to challenge and fact-check Shepard, creating an adorable brother-sister dynamic. The two welcome a variety of guests, ranging from comedians like Bill Hader, Julia Louis Dryfus, Will Farrell, Sarah Silverman, and many more, to experts like Bill Nye, Steve Madden, Dr. Phil, Yuval Noah Harari, and Jonathan Haidt among others.

Not only can audiences hear more about their favorite stars and top professionals, but they will also gain valuable take-aways about life and how to navigate through it. The “Experts on Experts” series will also satisfy your yearn to learn, as each expert brings a new perspective on their research in various fields, including biology, evolutionary psychology, child development, and more. The podcast’s set-up in Shepard’s humble attic fosters an environment conducive for vulnerability and honesty for any guest; the podcast, steeped in these two traits, makes the audience (lovingly called “Armcherries”) feel intimately connected to each member of any particular podcast episode, making them feel as though they are not alone in their struggles.  Be sure to tune in to the show on Mondays and Thursdays (or whenever you feel like binging the entire series) wherever you find podcasts in order to brighten up your day!

By Sam Spotswood

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