Beautiful and talented Heather LaRose is a contemporary artist from the suburbs of New York City who discovered her love and passion for pop music when she was just in kindergarten. At that time, her mom forbade her from listening to Britney Spears: that wasn’t going to stop her. On the contrary, it gave her the fuel to begin the writing process as she wrote many songs for her school assignments and she taught herself how to play the guitar.

Some of her favorite artists growing up included the classics like The Beach Boys and ABBA but Heather was also inspired by pieces of her life which allowed her to create stories. What is the saying? One apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, for Heather, it’s more like “one song a day.” The talented singer works hard every day and keeps her creative juices flowing non stop!

She found a unique way to blend electronics and live instruments creating a beautiful sounds.  Heather’s hard word and dedication allowed her to receive an endorsement with Gibson Guitars and brought her to the stages of South by South West, New York Fashion Week, The Manhattan Center, Los Angeles Fashion Week, Bronx Zoo Music Festival, The Hampton’s Music Fest. Furthermore, she also opened for Drake Bell, Alessia Cara, Rachel Platten and more.

Heather was recently in Los Angeles to perform where her heart was filled with warmth:“Nearly selling out my first headlining show in LA was exhilarating and reinforced my passion for what I do. There’s nothing quite like singing on a stage and hearing the audience sing your words back to you.” Humble, kind, and a true talent, Heather LaRose is on the rise.

By Alexandra Bonnet