For those working and living in the city, it has become a scary reality to step out on the streets. It may take some time to get back to enjoying city life and staying safe is key once we do. For all those parents, teachers, corporate workers, and everyday city adventurers to have the mindset of staying safe is just one more thing on everyone’s very long list of to-dos, but having the option to keep safe wherever you go, without hassle is essential.

Father of two and renowned artist, Benjamin Anderson made it his mission to keep his own kids safe and now protects many worldwide with his innovative invention, HandiGuruTM . HandiGuru is the ideal on-the-go sanitizing solution to safeguard you and your loved ones in-between handwashing, perfect for those living in metro areas and beyond.

Replacing bulky bottles that can leak or get lost at the bottom of a backpack or purse, HandiGuruTM wears comfortably like a watch and features FDA-approved, recyclable silicone perfect for storing hand sanitizer for fast, one-squirt germ protection anytime, anywhere.

Now more than ever, keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is top priority. HandiGuruTM is a wearable, fun, multi-use device and;

  • Convenient, effective germ protection for kids and adults alike
  • A go-anywhere alternative to running water
  • Each easily adjustable wristband features a BPA-free 20ml reservoir that adheres to TSA standards.
  • Refillable wristband kit (just $14.95) includes a one-size-fits-all silicone wristband (20ml) and a BPA-free squeeze bottle, complete with a BPA-free applicator tip for easy refills.

Restore a sense of calm with HandiGuruTM, providing advanced, wearable protection from the outdoor elements.

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