Fall is here and it’s time to get cozy! Who doesn’t love a hip look that also provides the ultimate comfort? Here at BELLO, we are all about the latest trends, and below we have two brands that will have you adding more to your Christmas wish list! Enjoy!


WHILE WE’RE aWAKE is really bringing it when it comes to sweatshirts, sweatpants, and matching sets. Staples that never go out of style even when the season changes, their pieces are must-haves for your closet!  If you’re the type of person that loves the idea of spending all day in a set of luxe loungewear, these looks are for you. 
Whether you’re working from home or completely off-duty, the new coordinated loungewear essentials from WHILE WE’RE aWAKE will have you wearing them on repeat for their stylish ease.

“Our mission is to make everyday people start living each day as if there was no tomorrow, to dream big and daydream any chance they get, to treat others how you would like to be treated tomorrow, and to smile because they woke up.”

Their custom streetwear brand based in Miami/New York features the coolest streetwear for any occasion. The brand was inspired for daydreamers with a sense of style. WWA is known for its classic hoodies with colorful string details that completes any outfit and is with no doubt eye catching.


SBNM was founded upon the idea to spread love and positivity with colors. The brand DNA, focuses on ‘’feeling good’’, a deeper sense which is stronger than ‘’looking good’’.

Their cute sets among many other pieces will have you looking your best and feeling your best! They are colorful and fun which adds that ‘oumf factor’ to your closet…

Since 2016 SBNM is more focused on athleisure garments with a street twist and has an energetic attitude. The style has its own rhythm and the pieces are comfortable and flexible to wear. The brand offers a refreshed groovy look with femininity and provocative sexy undertones to the fashion world. The story behind it/ the brand/ the designs has emotional nostalgic roots, Newtro (new-retro).

Positivity has a big interactive role between products and consumers. Garments are not products anymore, they have their own story and connection with its owner. Each customer has a different way to feel and present it.

Cover Image by Snack Toronto from Pexels