Online slots have come a long way since the beginning of the century, there is absolutely no arguing with that. In the early 2000s these gambling games were only in their primordial stages, technology was limited, both in terms of what developers could do and Internet software in general. A lot has changed since then, however, so much so that online slots represent a vast portion of the global gambling economy. 

But what’s next? The constant human appetite for progress in all areas means that nothing can ever really stand still. And this is something especially true of the online slot industry, one that draws in multiple millions of pounds every single year and therefore simply cannot afford to stop evolving. But really, what can we expect from slots in the future? Let’s find out below, or play online slot games here

Even Better Slot Game Graphics 

Graphics are something that are consistently subject to technological advances in all corners of the visual entertainment world, so it would be silly to think that online slots will not continue to improve in terms of aesthetics. Trailblazers such as NetEnt and Yggdrasil are currently setting the standard for immaculately clear graphics, but it could get even better! 

Some analysts envisage a hyper HD future, with online slots looking so pristine that it will be difficult to tell them apart from real life. As if we needed any more reason to play these delightfully intoxicating games! 

Ludicrously Big Progressive Jackpot Slot Games

Another thing that keeps on increasing in relation to online slots is the sheer amount of players trying their luck on those golden reels. Due to advances in mobile gaming, as well as better titles in general there are more people than ever playing online slots. This, of course, means that more money is being generated, and as gamblers we are always owed a share of this. 

So, expect to see progressive jackpots that dwarf anything we can see these days in the future. Oh yes, they can be gargantuan even now, but just you wait… 

An Even Smoother Mobile Slot Gaming Experience 

Over the last half a decade one major thing has changed in the online slot industry, and that is the fact that there are now more people spinning the reels on their mobile devices than on their computers. You cannot blame them either, mobile gaming is much more practical, and nowadays there is no dip in quality whatsoever. 

This burgeoning part of the industry is set to get a whole load better now as well, as new technological follow ups to things like HTML5 set the bar even higher for graphics 

Virtual Reality Casinos

Now here’s one that you might well have heard of, but is yet to properly make its impact… Virtual reality is going to blow the industry wide open when it has been streamlined. Imagine being able to play all of your favourite slots, from the comfort of your own customised casino – now that is something we just cannot wait to experience!