For two days, I had the pleasure of taking over the Kimpton Canary Hotel Instagram and experiencing all they have to offer! Located in one of Santa Barbara’s most vibrant areas, the hotel is close to boutiques, restaurants, wine tastings: all within walking distance! As we arrived to the hotel, its warmth and hospitality was felt by those who greeted us as well as the vibrant colors which gave a strong mediterrenean feel. “Hello and welcome to the Canary Hotel”….what a sweet sound that was! 

The property itself has its own restaurant “Finch and Fork,” as well as a rooftop pool, boutique, cozy rooms and amazing lounges. Looking to socialize over complimentary wine and snacks? The hotel offers a daily “Wine Hour” during which you can sip on some delicious wine and interact with people visiting from all over. After socializing, I highly recommend taking your glass of wine and watching the sunset from the rooftop pool…a sight you will not regret!!

While there, I had the most amazing dinner at “Finch and Fork,” during which I was served a variety of dishes from scallops, to dips, to steak. With every dish came a smile from the waiter along with a drink of my choosing. I felt like I had eaten enough for the next week but oh boy, was it delicious! The food was not only tasty but also looked amazing. As my great grandmother used to tell my mom, eating starts with the eyes…and I can assure you that is exactly how it went. After a strong food coma, went up to rest and ended the night with some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies delivered to my room !

Food, drinks, and great company weren’t the only things the Canary Hotel had to offer. After a hearty meal the night before, I rented out one of their complimentary bikes and got to explore Santa Barbara a little more. Going from constantly driving to biking was definitely a game changer. As if the trip wasn’t already going so well, filled with amazing perks–the hotel arranged a boat ride with Santa Barbara Sailing.

The crew and other members on board were all very kind as we sailed through and out of the harbor. The boat itself was gorgeous: stocked with blankets, food/drinks, and more. As the wind blew through my hair, I couldn’t help but feel complete content, a true escape from the world for even just an hour. Of course, let’s not forget getting closer to the seals which was the real cherry on top! As the boat docked and the sun was setting, I just took a moment to take in all the amazing adventures I had experienced during my stay with The Kimpton Canary.

If you are looking for a quick getaway or a long trip to a new city, keep Santa Barabara in mind and book your stay at The Kimpton Canary Hotel today !

By Alexandra Bonnet