Image: Somar

If there’s one pair of bottoms I think everyone should own, it’s a pair of good wide leg pants. They’re versatile, timeless, and you only really need one good pair. I will always advocate for dishing out a little more on a pair of pants since they tend to fit better, hold their value better, and prevent you from overconsuming. Here are 5 of my favorite wide leg pant options on the market right now.

Somar AHAB Denim


Owen Hyatt’s Los Angeles-based brand Somar has slowly been gaining popularity consistently ever since its launch in 2020. Over the past few years, drops have consisted of uniform pieces  meant to be worn everyday and their latest AHAB denim drop is no different. Having a wide thigh and a slight flare, the selvedge pants drape and puddle over boots and sneakers perfectly, developing that beautiful heel bite (if that’s your thing). The drop consisted of two colorways, jet black and washed black, with the former having a 34 inch inseam and the latter having a 33 inch inseam. The jet black pair also consists of a 14 oz raw selvedge denim with the washed black pair consisting of a 13.5 oz washed selvedge denim. Unique details can be found on both pairs, such as calfskin leather back pockets and waistband, a quickdraw design for the front pockets, and matte black Somar hardwear found on the buttons and badge above the left front pocket. A testament to its versatility and Somar’s commitment to developing a uniform wardrobe, I’ve worn my washed black pair almost everyday since I got them two weeks ago.

Somar AHAB Denim Washed Black

Our Legacy Third Cut Digital Denim


As one of the catalysts of the wide leg denim trend, you can find Our Legacy’s Third Cut Digital Denim on your favorite celebrities, your Instagram explore page, and in your crush’s closet (I have a pair). A straight wide-leg fit, the Third Cut Digital denim is versatile enough to go with every outfit and unique enough to make those outfits pop. One of the most unique features about this pair of pants (and its main drawing point) is that the color and distressing is all digitally printed. If you fold the cuff, you’ll notice that the inside of the pants is completely white. The only drawback that some people have with this pair of pants is that they tend to be short, about a 30 in inseam if you have a 30-32 inch waist, so if you’re on the taller side and like to have your pants stack, this might not be the best option for you.

Our Legacy Third Cut Digital Denim

Diesel D-Rise Denim


Another pair of pants seen all over TikTok and Instagram are the Diesel D-Rise Denim. With a wide straight leg fit and a long inseam, this pair of denim has become a staple in grungier outfits that have become more prevalent in the last year. The distinctive distressing on the thigh is a tell tale sign that the pants are from Diesel, so you won’t even have to tag the brand in your fit pic.

Diesel D-Rise Denim

Vintage OG-107 Pants


No list of mine is complete without a vintage option and a good pair of OG-107’s from the 70’s have been a staple in my wardrobe for the last couple of years. They have a wide straight leg fit and since many pairs have been worn in, they’re one of the comfiest pants I own. Usually composed of a thinner material, they’re perfect if you’re one of those monsters who wear pants in the summer (I am those monsters). A good pair shouldn’t run you triple digits and they’re a versatile and casual staple in anyone’s closet. Just make sure you know how to date them using zippers, tags, and buttons so you don’t get tricked into buying the worse version – OG-507’s from the 90’s.

Basketcase Gallery LAX Flares


Last but definitely not least on the list are the Basketcase Gallery LAX Flares. The most flared pants on the list, they still have a wide thigh so the pants will almost cover your entire shoe. They also come in a 32 inch inseam, so they’re good for most heights under whether we should question if you should be in the NBA or not. Released in 3 colorways – two variants of black and a medium blue – I would be content if all the pants in my wardrobe were from Basketcase. 

Basketcase Gallery LAX Flares