Spencer Barnett has just released his latest single, “Welcome to My Mind,” giving us the opportunity to take a dip into his thoughts. Creating new sounds and adding his own special touch to his music, the young artist is definitely making his way to the top! “Welcome to My Mind” is the first song of his new project as he finds his way in the crazy industry of entertainment. Aiming to bring like-minded artists and talents together, Barnett has the heart, the dedication and the talent to get there!

As an artist, how do you find inspiration when trying to create unique sounds?

I believe that creative limitations bring out my best songs. Whether that takes the form of a time limit or only using specific pieces of gear, giving yourself parameters can jumpstart the creative process. I think the scariest thing as an artist is looking at a blank page and feeling this overwhelming pressure to create something great. But if, for example, I was trying to write a song with no drums, it would force me to get creative and create new sounds–maybe start with a guitar instead or even just a melody. What also helps shape my sound is analog gear. On my new single “Welcome to My Mind,” I worked with producers, Hoskins and the 23rd, who used a ton of vintage synths like the Jupiter and the Minimoog to shape the sound of the record. There are also about 10 different guitar parts on the song which gives it the warmth and intensity that you hear in the chorus.

Are their hidden meanings behind your songs? What do you hope your audience feels/thinks when listening to it?

In my past projects almost every song had a hidden meaning–writing about deeper issues through the lens of a relationship, but with “Welcome to My Mind” I step away from that and for the first time start talking more directly. I’m no longer singing in cursive.

Growing up, what did you listen to the most?

I remember when I was 11 and just starting to get really into music my dad took me to my first festival. We saw a couple of great bands like Paramore, Young the Giant, etc. But then the Black Keys came on and their set just blew me away. I was instantly obsessed. I immediately started a band with my middle school friends and besides the occasional original, we would mainly just play through the black keys discography front to back.

What inspired you to create a three-part debut EP series?

After finishing my first EP, Reckless, I got into this concept of writing a project in a week. It was such a ridiculous challenge that I had to do it again. And again. And now three weeks of writing later (separated by several months in between) I have three EPs. But I am most proud of the fact that each project is a snapshot of who I was as a person in the moment. I was 17 when I finished Reckless. Now I’m 19, and finishing my third project. I think if you compare the three different projects you can see my growth as a person throughout the last two years. 

Tell us more about “Welcome to My Mind.”

“Welcome to My Mind” is the first song on my new project. It really set the tone for the rest of the EP so it made sense to me to release it first. What I personally like about WTMM, is that it’s direct and real. I also had a lot of fun shooting a video at home for the song which I can’t wait to share. I think it works perfectly with the song and is the exact mood I wanted to get across.

Do you see a tour happening in the future?

I hope so! I had a really exciting tour announcement that never happened because of the virus, so I’m hoping that if we all stay inside and safe live music will come back very soon. In the meantime, I’ve been going live online from time to time and playing some songs for my friends and supporters. 

Who is the “real” Spencer Barnett?

I don’t feel like I have a “persona” that I put on as an artist. I’m just a regular, sometimes shy guy who loves playing guitar and making cool art with my friends.

Have you discovered anything new about yourself during quarantine?

I’ve been reading and writing a lot since the quarantine started, and through that have been learning a lot. The months leading up to the shutdown were so crazy busy that I didn’t take the time to stop and think, but this time inside has allowed me to refocus myself on what really matters! And has also given me the time to start my next project.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

What a scary question haha. I hope to continue to make music and be inspired by the people around me. A huge goal of mine is to start a label/creative house to be able to work with like minded artists and change the world. But ten years is more than half of my life so I’m definitely taking baby steps!

By Alexandra Bonnet
Photos by Bellamy Brewster & The Orchard