Summer is here and what better to kick it off than with an upbeat song to get your hips swaying and heads bopping?! The talented Nick Metos has just released his new single “Don’t Want It” which symbolizes a positive message. “The song is really all about not wanting or having time. Being done with negative energy, negative/toxic people and relationships. I think especially after this whole global pandemic situation, the world is REALLY ready more than ever to focus on themselves and say goodbye to any and all negativity and toxicity!” shared Metos. Oh boy, how right is he! It’s time to put a smile on those faces and get moving no matter what! It’s been a tough year so far, 2020, but if we put our minds and hearts together, we can really do something big!


With a music video on the horizon, be sure to check out Nick Metos’ single “Don’t Want It” and get your dancing shoes ready! As he shared: “This song will make people dance, smile, and live for themselves which is exactly what I think the world needs, especially right now (:”

By Alex Marie
Photo by Jessica Rose Pomerantz