Few people are unaware of the number of relationships that are facilitated daily and online. Gone are the days of using newspaper classifieds to find Pen Pals and even lovers. Craigslist was the last straw as far as bogus classifieds go. The internet has answered with virtual reality dating, including web-based resources and apps. 

Virtual dates may never see the light of day. It means many remain online, with people flirting and chatting away, yet never meeting physically. Turning virtual dates into the real deal takes a little finesse. It may not require expertise but a few steps are in order, to ensure securing real and long-term relationships.

Using new-age dating portals one can begin chatting almost instantly. Once you register on sites like https://goldenbride.net/ukrainian-brides.html securing virtual dates, daily, is easy. However, there are some key points to remember to turn these into real relationships.

1. Video sharing

Most dating apps allow you to share videos and photos. Similar to a physical date, a virtual one needs more visuals than textual or oral material. The idea is to showcase as much of you as possible. When dating virtually, the odds are sometimes against you. It means most people are not sure who’s on the other end. There is always skepticism regarding the authenticity of the person on the other end. 

A part of video and photo sharing is live streaming. This involves communicating in real-time. As you communicate this way, it becomes clearer that indeed you are conversing with a real person.  It further concludes that BOTS are not involved. This is the fastest way to move from guesswork to securing real dates.

2. Ambience

Ensure the surroundings are decent enough as if it were a real rendezvous. If you stream live and are having intimate discussions, the background shouldn’t be noisy. It should also be as clean as if she, or he, were in the room with you. These details should be attractive enough for her to want to visit. Dirty laundry in the background and noisy neighbors heard over your conversations are not good starters.

If possible, why not set up the scene with candles in the background? If it’s an evening dinner then why not have a candlelit virtual date mimicking the real thing?  The idea is to get you moving from virtual to real in the shortest time possible.

Preparing for the Virtual Date

  • Disappointments happen when Wi-Fi drops and you keep resetting conversations. The ideal meeting should never involve having to restart conversations because signals were lost. That is not a virtual date. It is a normal phone call.
  • Again, set up a decent background and if possible, pick a quiet time. It means focusing on evenings when traffic and noisy neighbors are minimal. Noisy backgrounds are just annoying and will likely focus you to reschedule. Your date might find another quieter date in the meantime.
  • Keep things clean during the first virtual dates. This involves less or no nudity at all. Dressing the part is important too. For instance, simply because it is a virtual meet-up doesn’t mean you should rock vests. Putting on a nice polo shirt and top for the ladies is well-advised. Avoid being lewd or raw at all costs.

Bottom Line

Turning a virtual thing into a real one soonest requires proper planning and execution of all dates. It should take fewer than three online engagements to move from online to offline dating. The best virtual dates will have your partner guessing what else you have to offer. They should be intrigued enough that they need to log off and meet physically.