Photog: Ben Duggan / Stylist: Danyul Brown / HMU: Garret Gervais

Daan Creyghton stars in the hit Nickelodeon show “Hunter Street”, which came back for a third season in late July. The show is one of the top five shows year-to-date with K6-11 across all TV. Whether he is behind books, in front of the camera or on the basketball court, the young actor knows what he is doing and keeps growing every day. Looking forward to seeing what comes next for Daan Creyghton.

1. Please tell our readers a little bit about Nickelodeon’s “Hunter Street” and your character Sal.

It is a family show about 5 foster children. In season 1, after the 5th child is added to the family the (foster) parents disappear and the children attempt to find out what happened to them. They go on many adventures while looking for them which leads to many comedic situations and mystery.

In the second season, the foster parents are back and two more siblings are added. Erik (their dad) is accused of a crime and the kids are trying to find out how to clear his name.

This third season, the mystery will be bigger than ever. There are 30 episodes instead of 20, more amazing characters and the Hunters go to locations they have never been before, where many secrets will be revealed. Of course, there will be lots of funny scenes as well. You truly don’t want to miss it!!

Sal is a heartfelt and naïve boy who is extremely intelligent. He loves to do experiments and he has a solution to almost every problem you could imagine. In the second season, and even more so in the third season, Sal begins to come out of his shell and becomes much more social and confident in situations.

2. How do you prepare for a typical day of filming?

First and foremost I make sure I know my lines and when I have to say them. Sometimes I practice them with one of my siblings. I always try to think how my character Sal would react in certain situations. Since this is my third season portraying him I know him quite well, so that is the easy part. Shooting days are long, so I make sure to get enough sleep the night before.

I get picked up at 7.00 AM, and the first thing I do when I am at set is have breakfast. After that, I check my clothes for the first scene and go to hair and make-up.

3. If you had to pick only one fashion brand to wear for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?

There are so many brands I love, such as D-squared and Balmain, but if I had to choose my favorite brand it would be Miki Amiri. I like that every piece is unique. My favorite is the denim MX1 jeans. I love the rocker vibe of this brand.

4. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at school or filming?

When I am not working, like any teenager I like hanging out with friends and family as well as watching movies. I try to be as active as possible. I am also a huge fan of fashion… I think sometimes I might spend more time mixing and matching outfits for fun than anything else.

5. We heard you love to travel. If you could choose one place to travel to that you’ve never been to before, where would you go? And why?

I would love to go to Tanzania. I have never been to Africa before and at my school we have projects to help kids in Tanzania. In May, a friend and I were the hosts of a gala where we raised money for kids to be able to go to school and to provide them with school materials. I would love to see these schools and to talk to the kids in person. Apart from that, I love adventures and Tanzania is known to have lots of safaris to see the spectacular wildlife. I heard the beaches are amazing as are the watersports opportunities. For me that would be a dream vacation.

6. What does the cast like to do together when you aren’t filming?

When we are on set we like to play games together or watch movies, take behind the scenes photos for social media or just chat. The production company also organizes outings for us where we’ll go bowling, laser tag, or do karaoke. These outings are always really fun. Outside filming season, we love to go to movies and parties or have dinner together.

7. Is your real-life family at all similar to your Hunter Street family? and in what way?

I have a large family like Sal, but my siblings and I have the same biological parents where Sal and his siblings have different biological parents. The Hunters in Hunter Street love to hang out together, and that is the same in my family. In Hunter Street season 3 the older siblings (Max, Tess and Daniel) don’t live at home and are missed a lot. That’s the same in my family. Two of my siblings don’t live at home either since they are studying in other places and we miss them tremendously. Luckily, in my family they do join us on Family Holidays. Unfortunately, that’s not the case in Sal’s family. Not only are they missed in Hunter Street but we as the cast miss filming with them as well. Another difference is that I have three older sisters and one younger brother. Sal has three older brothers, one older sister and two younger sisters. In my family my youngest brother Tom is the “Sal” of the family. He is very smart and loves technics.

8. What is your dream role? and who would you like to be your potential co-star?

Anything that falls into the category of dark or edgy drama… I would eventually love to play insomething along the lines of Baby Driver and anything similar to early Leonardo DiCaprio, early indie films that Harris Dickinson played in, or even more recently some of the works that Timothee Chalamet has worked on.

9. Please tell our readers where and when they can watch Hunter Street and where they can find you on social media?

They can watch Hunter Street on Teen Nick every weekday at 7:30 p/6:30c. On Sunday September 9ththere will be the first Catch-up Marathon on Teen Nick of the first 15 episodes. So, make sure to tune in if you missed any of the episodes.

You can find me on Instagram @daancreyghton, snapchat: dcreyghton21