SOJI Energy is taking water dispensers to the next level. Every dispenser contains pure natural crystals which, combined with water, produce an exilir that “encourages rejuvenation & clarification of both the body and mind.” After drinking from this bottle you will almost immediately feels its effects on your being. It allows you to keep hydrated with a nice sense of style and promotes mindfulness and positivity. With SOJI you can give a bit of love back to the World.

Mindful of those around, SOJI Energy has also brought up Charity by Crystal Initiative. Through this, they tackle the water crisis. Partnered with the WaterisLife foundation, which helps brings clean, safe drinking water and other hygienic solutions to communities in need, steps to making our world a better place are being made. SOJI donates a portion of each sale to this endeavor in hopes to cycle that positive energy back into the earth. That’s what I call a positive cycle.

From Amethyst Quartz to Rose Quartz and more, you are bound to find the perfect crystal fit for you! SOJI Energy’s all-encompassing, crystal-containing bottles are available for purchase at

By Alexandra Bonnet