The timelessness of antiques is something that many crave in their design and decorating, in homes and offices, museums and restaurants, hotels and places of worship. There are certain elements of life, love, experience and character that material pieces capture and build upon as they progress forward through the years. Personal fashion and jewelry design has taken a similar path, where antiques are valued at a unique and special system by comparison to new and more contemporary design. There’s something special about an old piece, that you can’t get more of. Antiques create a genuine supply and demand ratio of little supply in many cases, to enough demand to drive up the value of many items, from cars to accessories. 

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. This is an age old English traditional poem, meant for good luck to brides on their wedding day. As the tradition continues and lives on in the modern day, many brides have reduced this down from what could be four separate pieces into one, which such ideas as antique opal rings.They’re old, they’re new to the bride, they’re borrowed from a loved one and blue in color, so fitting all the criteria of the poem’s requirements and suggested formula for good luck and prosperity on their wedding day. 

Wearing antique jewelry implies a certain level of class, responsibility, taste and style. It takes a respectable level of confidence and personal responsibility to wear an antique ring or necklace, and usually implies the wearer enjoys the finer things in life, things perhaps with an interesting tale accompanying them. Was it a gift from a grandparent that bought it in their early 20s in Paris? Perhaps a family heirloom with an even longer history? Whatever the history, antiques carry decades of stories and experiences throughout their wearer’s lives. What these pieces of jewelry have seen and heard, felt and sensed is something no one person can speak to, but many can appreciate. And, the more rare the piece, the more special the story. 

Antiques are found in museums and personal jewelry collections alike. Their relevance carries importance in cultural traditions, stories and societal rituals throughout the years, sometimes being the very symbol of that tradition or ritual. Statues, brooch pins, rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and the like are held closely to being protected and near worshipped in many areas. With the growth and somewhat approach of a decline of a throw away culture, more appreciation than ever is put on items that have stood the test of time and elements. Handmade and high quality items never go out of style, and you can rest assured that your valuables will continue to hold their value throughout the years to come, especially if kept in a well cared for and protected condition. 

No matter the type of antiques in your family, chances are you know their stories and origins, and can pass them onto future generations to appreciate, enjoy and adore for their own celebrations and traditions. Antiques never go out of style, whether it be antique jewelry or antique and classic cars. If you have some in your possession, you know the importance and reverence these items carry and demand in life.