The most depressing thing about mid August is that just like for Cinderella at minight everything is turning into Pumpkins. Orange brownish Fall decor is pushing off the shelves summer items and before you know it, everything will smell like Spice Latte. NO, I want summer to last and I also want people from the Northen Emisphere to stop using the hastag #EndlessSummer before Spetember 22nd. Because before September 22nd … it’s STILL summer.

Now I know that September 23rd will be here in no time. So to sustain my #EndlessSummer fantasy, I like to find things that reminds me of the beach.

On my list LAFCONew York and their ‘Sea and Dune’ body care collection.  OMG you have no idea how good it smells. Honeslty the only thing wrong about internet today is the lack of smell, OK maybe it is a good thing … but in this specific case, I wish you could enjoy this amazing scent.

‘Fresh, airy, and natural: the scent of sea grass, sand, summer sky, and the ocean.’

True Liquid Body Soap

Bath Soap

Body Cream

Enjoy the Summer!