Actor Bryan Craig will be starring in the film “Women Is Losers,” which highlights many real issues women have been dealing with for a long time. His role can be described as a “problem” in the project but that is what makes it all the more impactful! Craig’s career choice has allowed him to be more intimate with himself and push his boundaries a little more every day. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

What do you think people will be most excited about when they watch “Women Is Losers”? What are you most excited about its release?

I think the awareness that the film brings is very exciting. I’m excited to see this movie be a caravan for real issues that women have dealt with for a long time and are still dealing with. 

Tell us more about the story and your role in it. Who did you connect with on set?

The story is a true story about perseverance and overcoming. I play somewhat of the problem haha , but also a good representation of what a lot of young men think they have to be as far as masculinity goes. I connected with everyone on set, loved the whole team.

What was it like working with Lorenza Izzo? How did she impact you as an actor?

Lorenza is great. She’s a very hardworking, talented, versatile actor. She’s a lot of fun too. I couldn’t have done this job without her.

If you could go back and give yourself some advice, what would it be and why?

Haha maybe go to sleep earlier. Although sometimes there was no choice…long days, early mornings. More sleep always helps.

How has acting helped you discover more about yourself? Can you share some of those discoveries? 

I think acting just allows you and also pushes you to be very intimate with yourself. You have to know how everything ticks and works in order to bring up things on the spot or manipulate a mood or feeling. I leave the discoveries for my diary.

When do you feel the most inspired?

When I work with an actor that inspires me. 

Who has supported you the most growing up?

Definitely my family. They’ve always loved what I do and supported it through the good and bad times. They’ve always supported my decision to be an actor, and they tend to think I’m quite good at it haha.

What is the ultimate goal in your life?

To be happy always, but also to be able to pick and choose every job that I do and work with the people I want to work with.

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