Saje Natural Wellness provides products through the use of essential oil blends to ensure their community is taken care of! These blends treat stress, pain, gut, balance, and support in relaxation prior to sleep, and for symptoms of coughs and colds. With the ups and downs of life, it’s easy for us to forget to take a breather and take care of our well-being!

Containing essential oils, healing plants, and natural ingredients from all over the world, Saje’s products are 100% certified natural products which are formulated to be safe and effective based on modern science and traditional use. Not convinced yet? Well, over 100 Saje products are recognized as Natural Health Products by Health Canada or Over-The-Counter drugs (OTCs) in the United States.

Their products target different areas from the skin to a cold, and more. Whatever it is your body is craving and in need of, Saje has a product for it. Here at BELLO, we love the “Poosh Euphoric Diffuser Blend” and the “Sleep Well Bedtime Coconut and Shea Body Butter.”