Riley Clemmons recently released her single, “Healing,” which brings some sunshine over the crazy year we have had so far! Hoping to bring joy and compassion into her audience’s lives, Clemmons inspires those around her to take a deep breath and truly let her lyrics sink in as she hopes to help those in need of some love. Having been in quarantine like us all, her creative process was heightened as she found herself writing some of her best songs yet! If you haven’t already, take a look at her song/video and immerse yourself in all that Riley Clemmons has to offer!

What were you most excited with your release of “Healing” ?

More so than anything, I’m beyond excited for the world to hear this song. I hope these lyrics and melodies meet people exactly as they need them.

Tell us more about your creative process in writing it.

Two years ago I walked into a studio in LA with the title “Healing.” At the time I was watching someone I love deeply walking through a lot pain. I wanted to write a song of what I wished and hoped for her. Two years later, the song has taken on a new meaning. It felt like the right time to put this out into the world.

Message to your audience before listening/watching the music video?

Take a deep breath and let the words sink in. You’re not alone… after the hurting comes the healing.

How does this release differ from your other projects?

The journey of this song has been unique. Of all the songs I’ve ever released, I’ve never felt more led to release a song at a specific time like “Healing”. It’s personal on a new level for me.

Has quarantine had a positive impact on your work as an artist?

Looking back now, it truly has. It’s pushed me to write some of my favorite songs. It’s pushed me to be authentic and creative in ways I haven’t discovered before.

How do you “heal,” when going through hard times?

For me, healing can look like a lot of different things. During the healing process, I usually focus on leaning more into my friends and family. I turn off my phone more often. I’m more intentional about clearing my mind. I focus on staying creative & creating time for myself.

Share with us a childhood memory in which you learned a lot about yourself.

Entering into the music industry at 13 has been an entire ride of ups and downs, learning about myself as I navigated my teenage years and the industry. More so than one specific memory, I’ve learned a lot from both the rejection and affirmation, and finding my worth beyond them.

If you could collab with anyone, who would you pick and why?

Stevie Wonder – I say that in every interview because I mean it. He’s just everything. It needs no explanation. Ha!

Say you were not singing anymore, what career would you pursue?

I think I would love to be an editor at a magazine. OR a personal chef.

Interview by Alexandra Bonnet @alexbonnetwrites