From Alabama to Nashivlle, the young and talented singer Stef has found the place she calls home. Having done many performances, the artist also released her debut EP “Why Do I Laugh When I Cry”, hoping to express her old soul and dynamic nature, reaching a whole new level. Music has always played a part of who she is and here at BELLO we got to speak with Stef and dive a bit more into who she is.

What inspired you to do music and who is your greatest influence?
Music has always just been apart of who I am. I didn’t know I wanted to pursue it as a career till I decided to follow me heart and had a lot of encouraging people around me. I grew up in Alabama where doing something out of the ordinary was not accepted. Me going to pursue music was never an option I considered till my junior year of high school when I realized I was bound for bigger things in my life than just going to a four year university spending my days partying and in a sorority. Doing music and moving to Nashville has been the best decision I have ever made. Even though I grew up around music, I wasn’t exposed to much of the top forty scene. I listened to a lot of worship music, show tunes, country music, and some top forty pop. I really loved Adele and Miley Cyrus in my elementary school/ middle school days but I wouldn’t say either of those influences are present in my music today. I honestly think what inspires me the most are my peers and my friends around me also making music. I’m inspired by art and experiences in life. My writing style and sound just kinda fell out of my soul. I’m not sure where it came from I didn’t even know it existed. It just happened.
How do you describe your sense of fashion style? Do you have a favorite clothing brand?
I would describe my style as creative and free. I have a pretty set style, mostly highlighting vintage fashion pieces while also incorporating new trends. However I have some days where I dress completely different than I usually do. I dress to however I’m feeling that day. I am usually always in a crop top, and I love a good vintage high waisted jean. The 550’s and 562’s are my favorite styles. I’ve paid a decent amount at vintage stores for jeans, but what makes them really special is when you find the most perfect fitting vintage Levi’s at the thrift for $5. Thrifting also plays a huge part in my style and really highlights my love for vintage fashion. I try to find new pieces I’ve never seen before but it’s also a really fun challenge to find old pieces that are current trends. For example right now animal print is a huge trend and you can most definitely find it in the thrift. I love a monochrome look and animal prints right now! I’m obsessed with vintage designer. My favorites are Christian Dior, Chanel, and Jean Paul Gaultier. As far as favorite stores go; I don’t really have a favorite. I love Depop, thrifting, and the trendy “Instagram” brands you just can’t get away from!
If you were to collaborate with any artist today who would it be?
This is a super tough question because I still feel like I am so new to this and am also evolving. I can name a few per genre. I think Frank Ocean, Travis scott, and Drake would be really interesting. (Also would love to see those three collab.) I think Mura Masa or Flume would also be a really progressive collaborative sound. I love the Mura Masa & Clairo collab “I don’t think I can do this again.” I think Lil Nas X is killing it and would also be an Interesting collaboration if we mashed sounds. I could go on and on. I think anyone would be really fun to collaborate with! Collaboration is one of my favorite things about the music industry, especially being in the writing room.
Do you have any current favorite songs?
It changes daily! Really loving Charli XCX “Gone,” Mura Masa & Clairo “I don’t think I can do this again,” DJDS & Dijon “Magic Loop,” Alexander 23 “Dirty AF1s,” DaBaby “Suge.” I have a lot and could go on forever. I also love my music! I really listen to it all the time because it’s something I would listen to all the time even if it wasn’t mine.
What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t creating music?
I love to do a lot of things. I love to go thrifting! I think that’s my number one hobby. I prefer to go by myself but it’s fun I’m if bringing a friend for their first time! I also love hanging out with my friends and having conversations. We all cook and hangout pretty often if we aren’t going out to social events. I love spontaneous trips or activities too. I really like spending time outdoors hiking or on the lake. Of course I love to Travel I just am not doing it as often as I would like to currently.
How would you describe yourself as a person?

What a question! Usually someone else is answering that. I think I’m a very honest and loyal person. I try to always be straight up with my friends and people around me. I would also say I’m very creative and I think that shows in my artistry. I also try to be a hard worker and stay driven and intentional with what I want in life and what I’m doing in life. I’m really fun and I love when people can make me laugh. I’d like to think I’m funny, but in reality I’m not! My friends are just laughing at me because I’m such a goof.

By Max Sato