The amazing celebrity stylist Ted Gibson and celebrity colorist Jason Backe opened up the Los Angeles based STARRING by Ted Gibson almost a year ago and have continued to grow ever since. Being the world’s first hair salon that merges cutting edge smart home technology with the duo’s 30+ years of exceptional hair styling and coloring, customers will get the full experience as soon as they step foot into the building.

“STARRING is the culmination of our creative vision to provide consumers with a forward-thinking, multi- dimensional smart salon concept, premium product line, and unprecedented luxury experience all in one,” shared Gibson. Adds Backe, “We’re excited to finally reinvent the largely outdated hair and salon industry, and put forth a new, disruptive way of thinking.”

As you make your way into the unique salon, you are greeted with a handful of positive energies and your eyes grow wide by the beauty of it all! Composed of five individual, semi-private pods known as “clouds,” each one is outfitted with Amazon technology
which will give you an immersive experience like no other. These clouds are inspired by the idea of hair blowing in the wind and each offer different ambient lighting options like “Everyday Sunshine,” “Moonlight,” and “Indoors,” to view hair color and styles in various light and tonal settings. 

Unique, fun, and fulfilling, your experience at STARRING by Ted Gibson doesn’t stop at different lighting options…Programmed with Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet with Alexa and smart home speakers, the salon in itself is voice activated. You can build the hair salon experience of your dreams within minutes! As you are waiting, your comfort is just as acknowledged thanks to the state-of-the-art entertainment lounge.

Looking for products to take home? Sit back and enjoy the rest of your experience as the salon offers you a retail experience like no other. It is entirely cashless, with shoppable window displays which display luxury products that Gibson and Backe hand picked themselves: from span haircare to beauty, fashion, and more. All it takes is scanning SmileCodes using the Amazon App on your  cell phone, and all your newly purchased goodies are delivered directly to your doorstep, with the convenient option of auto-renewal subscriptions as well.

Treat yourself to a fully immersive hair salon experience and enjoy your time in the clouds!

Special thanks to Michael Janda for making Alexandra Tuil and myself feel alive again thanks to our amazing haircuts and dreamy experience! 

By Alexandra Bonnet