PAUME is a vegan, luxury hand sanitizer brand that brings to you quality products and quality scent! Designed to bring you comfort and a sense of relaxation, they not only deliver a product that is good for you…it’s always good for the planet! Their Plastic Neutral Certification, achieved through their partnership with rePurpose Global reflects this idea of sustainability. A percentage of each sale will go towards funding rePurpose Global to remove and recover as much plastic waste from the environment as we put into it. And every one of their products carries a Net Zero Plastic Footprint. Keep reading on and discover the world of PAUME!

More highlights:

  • Calming Scent – the scent incorporates notes of lavender and rosemary mingle with warm cedarwood and refreshing citrus. The scent is comforting and uplifting.
  • Premium ingredients including essential oils, aloe vera and witch hazel
  • The products are elegantly designed and created to be refilled with PAUME’s 12oz pouch, producing 50% less waste than a plastic bottle. 
    • The Travel Bottle is made with 100% previously recycled plastic and is meant to be refilled 5-10 times, and then recycled.
    • The In Home Pump is made with antimicrobial plastic to prohibit the growth of harmful bacteria and is meant to be reused and refilled with the PAUME Refill Bag 
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Female-founded – After bringing home her baby from the hospital and increasing her hand sanitizer usage, PAUME founder Amy Welsman realized the need to rethink how hand sanitizers are made, both the formula and the packaging design & materials.
  • Available on and Maisonette.