The French brand Molly Bracken created in 2008 is launching her e-shop in The US and in Canada.

Worn by celebrities and influencers such as Ariel Winter, Arielle Kebell, Kat McNamara, Jordyn Jones, Serayah, Lilimar, Daniella Perkins and model Erin Michelle, Molly Bracken is developing its presence in the American market with its new e-commerce platform.

The site offers Molly Bracken, but also Lili Sidonio who’s more urban and rock, Gabrielle which is very feminine and trendy, and Mini Molly, Bracken’s little girl’s collection.

The French brand Molly Bracken has become a “must-have” in the fashion world internationally, and as a contemporary brand dedicated to today’s women, with revisited untimely pieces.

Today, Molly Bracken is present in over 5000 points of sale across the world: in Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Latin America, and the United Arab Emirates.