Female fronted four piece band Move Like Creatures is quickly making a name for their themselves with infectious hooks, killer instrumentation and unfiltered lyrics that speak to our most vulnerable thoughts. Their latest single, “Space Case,” is no exception and a personal favorite to each band member, touching on the stigma around mental illness and offering insight to what it’s like to live with it every day. The powerful pop rock anthem grapples with our often less than perfect internal dialogue with lyrics like  “When everything is good I panic anyway, something’s probably gonna blow up in my face. Stuck on repeat in another melody, always in between what I want and what I need.”  On “Space Case,” Move Like Creatures showcase their ability to create a track that feels exciting and fun but also honest and raw. Bombard’s vocals are strong and emotion evoking, reminiscent of Alanis Morissette and Hayley Williams, set over a beaming production that makes you want to bob your head along. If you love pop-rock songs you can sing along to in the car, this is song is a must for your playlists.

Move Like Creatures is made up of front woman Nancy Bombard, guitarist Ryan Reynolds, bassist Brian Bello, and drummer Melissa Koziel. The band formed in the pandemic and they quickly found not only an instantaneous chemistry musically but, also, personally; as four people who’ve each overcome things in their own life. Through their music, the band shares their truth with all of us.

This song speaks volumes to the stigma around mental health. How does it feel to finally have it out there in the world?

[NANCY] This is one of the most personal and most favorite songs I’ve ever written lyrics and melody for, so it feels incredible to finally release it.

[BRIAN] Agreed. This is my favorite song from the EP for a number of reasons.

[MELISSA] It’s exciting! Thinking back to how this song was just a little demo and now it’s all grown up and ready to be shared to everyone. That feeling never gets old.

{Ryan} I agree, it is rewarding to see this song really take shape and be released when it started as a little demo. This time last year we had just begun recording.

What does this song mean to you?

[NANCY] I am the “Space Case.” I have ADHD so I struggle with being on time, I miss off-ramps on the freeway daily or take an extra 20 minutes to leave the house because I keep losing things. When everything is “perfect” I’ve experienced urges to run because being happy isn’t always as comfortable as being sad. I can be a bit all over the place as a creative person so that can impact relationships. These things are just part of my personality so the song is embracing those parts as well as giving thanks to those people in my life who ground me and love me as I am.

[BRIAN] Like Nancy, I also have ADHD. People with ADHD often have this weird paradox of functioning better with structure, but internally craving the excitement of chaos. Some days it’s a struggle to not burn down the life you’re building for an easy dopamine hit. I think it takes a lot of introspection about past mistakes as well as some strong relationships before you stop giving in to that itch. Fortunately, Nancy and I have those people in our lives now.

What advice do you have for those who are struggling with their mental health and what do you hope they take away from this song?

[NANCY] What works for me is surrounding myself with positive people and being as open as possible when I’m struggling. The more I talk, write and sing about things, the better I feel. Therapy can be helpful and there are so many resources, you just have to be patient and figure out what works best for you. The number one thing I hope people can take away from this song is that no matter how horrible you feel about yourself, know that it is temporary and you are worthy of love just as you are.

[BRIAN] As a psychiatrist, obviously my first answer is go see a mental health professional. Beyond that, I would just validate people’s pain. It’s real. Life often is really fucking hard. But at times it’s also beautiful and joyful. The trick is surrounding yourself with people who really care about you, who will share both your joy and your sorrow… and stick by your side when you don’t make the best decisions.

[MELISSA] You may feel you are alone but you would be surprised how many people are going through the same thing. Don’t be afraid to open up to someone you trust.

What can we expect from the music video?

[NANCY] I am so excited for the music video release! Expect beautiful central California landscapes, including a cave and a building built in the early 1900’s . It is very ethereal and moody so it goes right along with the song.

[MELISSA] A lot of nature and guitar soloing.

{RYAN} It is very scenic! I can’t wait to release all of the behind the scenes footage too, so many shots of Nancy falling.

Describe your music in one word?

[NANCY] Sanguine.

[BRIAN] Vibe.

[MELISSA] Electrifying

{RYAN} Relatable

YT Audio Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O4vDmVasedU&feature=youtu.be

Link Treee: https://linktr.ee/Movelikecreatures

Photo Credit: Kim Newmoney