CHAUMET Paris has just released their new collection of luxury jewelry: “Les Ciels de Chaumet.”  From watches to rings and necklaces to earrings, the collection has a large variety of pieces to choose from. Each piece has a beautiful mix of colors that go perfectly with the summer vibe from a warm orange to a sweet pink (amongst many more).

The jewelry encompasses a little bit of history as the buildings which display the different pieces and the art itself date back to 1780. For five centuries, Paris has been known for the quality and creativity of its jewellery artisans.In the late 18th century, Chaumet’s founder, Marie-Etienne Nitot, made his mark. His legacy continued on and the beauty of his jewelry and the importance of its creation was passed on.

CHAUMET Jewelry marks its presence as you wear it but its history also plays a part in its every day role. When you carry one of these pieces of jewelry–whether it be around the neck or on your finger– wherever it is, you can wear it holding your head high. Feel empowered, leave your mark in history and treat yourself a little with a piece of Chaumet’s fine jewelry !

By Alexandra Bonnet & Alexandra Tuil