Nestled in the picturesque Ozark Mountains region of the United States, Voxy Aesthetics and Wellness recently marked a significant milestone with its first anniversary celebration at the illustrious Voxy Holiday Soirée. The inaugural event, which recently took place at Fox Trail Distillery, manifested as a true testament to the clinic’s unwavering commitment to promoting holistic wellness, self-care, and fostering community spirit.

Voxy Aesthetics and Wellness, renowned as a pioneering medical aesthetics and wellness clinic, is spearheaded by the esteemed medical aesthetics practitioner, Adrienne Easterling, PA-C. Not only is she a national board trainer, but she is also the visionary founder of The Art of Injecting, an enterprise that conducts training seminars worldwide, imparting her proprietary techniques to injectors across the globe.

The Voxy Holiday Soiree was a captivating amalgamation of enriching experiences and heartwarming gestures, embodying the essence of celebrating beauty, well-being, and philanthropy. One of the evening’s highlights was the pop-up holiday market, featuring a curated selection of local vendors offering unique holiday gift finds. Notably, the event underscored the clinic’s dedication to supporting small businesses and nurturing the spirit of giving within northwest Arkansas.

In alignment with its philanthropic ethos, Voxy Aesthetics and Wellness partnered with Dress for Success Northwest Arkansas, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women in the local community. The soirée brought together guests to contribute professional women’s clothing items, furthering the noble cause of aiding local women in their pursuit of employment opportunities.

A symphony of delightful experiences awaited attendees, from indulging in seasonal cocktails and live music to embracing exclusive holiday discounts on Voxy treatments and skincare. Adrienne Easterling, PA-C, expressed profound gratitude to the guests who have played a pivotal role in shaping Voxy’s extraordinary journey over the past year. Her heartfelt message resonated with warmth and appreciation for the devoted team and loyal clients, encapsulating the clinic’s spirit of prioritizing client satisfaction and continuous evolution.

The success of the evening was attributed to the collective contributions of various vendors, each adding their touch of excellence to the festivities. With lively music from The Juice Band and a party dance floor arranged by Dancenhance, guests reveled in a joyous celebration, complemented by delectable offerings from McAlister’s, Taste of Chocolate, and Shelby Lynn’s Cake Shoppe.

As Voxy Aesthetics and Wellness strides past its one-year milestone, the clinic remains steadfast in its commitment to redefining self-love, well-being, and providing unforgettable experiences for all. By intertwining innovative aesthetic solutions with a holistic approach to wellness, Voxy continues to epitomize its core purpose of nurturing harmony and confidence in both inner vitality and external appearances.

The Voxy Holiday Soirée served as a poignant embodiment of the clinic’s essence, exemplifying the power of collective celebration, philanthropy, and community camaraderie in shaping a transformative journey towards well-being and self-discovery.

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Venue: Fox Trail Distillery @foxtraildistillery
Medical Aesthetics and Wellness: Voxy Aesthetics And Wellness @voxy_aesthetics
Photographer: Pollari Productions @pollari_productions
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