OREN KASH is a true giver and brings people together as he believes every man and woman embodies its true spirit. Bold colors and prints are what give this rising brand its unique style. Each season comes with a different collection adding onto the previous one. But Oren Kash doesn’t just stop at menswear, they also have a little girls’ dress line and keep adding on as they move forward. Oren Kash reminds us to be FEARLESS, no matter what.

1.Was designing menswear something you always wanted to do or a passion that was discovered later in your life? What drew you to work in menswear?
The design aspect wasn’t something I always wanted to do. Looking for special pieces was something that was always important to me; not kind of being in the quote on quote norm. Fashion was always something really important to me just like music was. I always wanted something special, 

2.What’s the story behind the Fall/Winter 2019 collection?
That one was inspired by a story that came across my desk about some endangered leopard, it was a very sad story. There are so many species of leopard but so few left that that is kind of where my inspiration came from. So when you see the line, there are pieces that are not so in your face that are about the leopard but down to the details. For FW 2019 we are giving a portion of the proceeds away to saving the leopards. We try to find something every season that helps guide the direction if you will; usually it’s animals or nature: to give back. 

3.There’s been a wider diversification of menswear over the past decade, do you think that that has had any influence on your design?
Yeah, of course. Not just in men’s wear–in all wear. Always seeing what was and what’s coming is important but it’s not always about following the trend that is happening but more creating positive happy pieces, pieces that turn heads. Clothes that give the consumer and the viewer a “wow moment” which is fun and the direction that we go. 

4.We’ve experienced more inclusive degrees of masculinity over the past decade, so what does a word like masculinity mean to you today?
I wouldn’t take it only towards man. Everything goes back to being a good human: being kind, good, caring. Instead of being big and strong and “manly,” if you will.

5.What excites you about the current state of fashion and what doesn’t?
What excites me is that people are more open, more willing to try to be part of an experience, to layer. People are more willing to try fabrications that they would have never thought to wear: specialty swade, printed lining… That is very exciting for me that the consumer is even willing to try something like that. I know the consumer might not be ready to try on a full sequence jacket but they will try on a semi-sequenced piece.

There are certain trends and ideas that don’t excite me because i feel like its only for the “now.” We try to create pieces that have longevity which you can wear now, bring back 10 years from now and it will still be a cool piece. Like the shoe game, for example, is huge but personally there are a few styles that come out that i don’t feel have longevity–you could never really go back to that because trends change so fast. 

6.What are some other things that inspire you (in fashion and in life)?
In life, for me, it’s people.  Human interaction with the right people is very important.  Happiness, positivity. I don’t keep a lot of people very close to me, but the people that have to be positive, working towards something that’s important in their life.  Giving back is very important. Being a good human, self love is very important. That’s kind of how what I keep around me. Depending on how much I open up and who I open up to, I try to be as open as possible.  Keeping a very tight family is super-duper important to me.

7.What is your mission with Oren Kash? (what kind of impression would you like to leave?)
World domination (laughs). You know my mission is really to inspire, to be creative, to love, to have peace and positivity. Creating a positive line for the consumer and also for the viewer. I feel like we are only here once so why not smile, why not love a little bit more?  

8.What kind of man/woman embodies the spirit of Oren Kash.
I think everybody does. I feel that our line has so many incredible pieces–there is something for everyone, even down to our basics. We put so much high quality detail into our pieces. I lvoe people, it’s really for everybody. 

9.What is your favorite thing to do on a day off to manage stress?
Be with my dog. I have a lab corgi mix: he looks like a lab but has these teeny little legs. He is adorable and obviously what is very important to me is family. Hanging out with my parents, nieces, siblings: quality family time is super important. 

10.What’s a piece of advice someone has given to you that has resonated in your life?
“To be fearless.” Not to worry so much and that everything will be okay. God has a path and we are all being watched over. Unapologetically be Oren: it’s okay to be me. It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to want. Just be a good person while you’re on that path.

By Rebecca Kang