Kevin Murphy’s products combine hi-tech scientific knowledge with the best natural ingredients available as they provide the tools to recreate high-fashion runway looks in the salon or at-home, while always remaining kind to the environment. Thanks to their different hair care products, you never have to worry about a bad hair day! The brand was founded to give men and women the best hair care possible in a world that lacks it so much.

“The lack of products that performed as I needed them to perform on a shoot forced me to go beyond conventional hair products and look into the advancements being made with skincare. I wanted to create a range that in the hands of a stylist would change the characteristics of the hair and also take hair trends in new directions.”

– Kevin Murphy

Form Shimmer Shine to UN.TANGLED, all their products are sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free. The brand even offers a “product matchmaker quiz” which allows you to take that first step into better hair care. Here at BELLO, we absolutely adored a few of Kevin Murphy’s products which include:

-Hydrate-Me Wash
– Hydrate-Me Rinse
– Shimmer Shine
– Shimmer-Me Blonde
– Killer Curls
– Stimulate-Me Wash

Kevin Murphy will make you feel like you just went to the hair salon and will have your hair healthier and sexier than ever. Go check out their products today!

By Alexandra Bonnet