Starring as the villain in CW’s hit series STARGIRL, Meg DeLacy connects with her ever-evolving character, Cindy/Shiv, because as she explains, humans are constantly changing. Embracing this change both on and off-screen, the talented actress continues to push herself and boundaries on all levels. Also a singer/songwriter, you can check out her latest single and music video, BODY here. Meg DeLacy reminds us to see beauty everywhere we go!

I would love to start at the beginning – tell us a bit about your background and how you got started as an actor in the first place…

I grew up in Los Angeles, the mountains of Altadena specifically.  Performing was always one of my favorite ways of expressing myself. I’ve been surrounded by music and art my whole life so it wasn’t surprising exploring theatre when I was 10.  I started there where I found a grip on the community of this industry as a whole. The stage set a true bar and dedication for consistency and honest work. A level of performing I apply even more so now on film.  Theatre was the perfect base for both acting and making music. 

Do you relate to Cindy/Shiv at all? In what ways? Any lessons you have found through playing her that are instrumental in your own life? 

Cindy continues to layer for me as years go by playing her. It’s a journey and I challenge myself to never truly land and settle with her because humans are constantly changing. I relate to her in that way the most. exploring her insecurities and finding humility in a bad girl or villain and understanding the underbelly and vulnerability of that is the most fun. There’s always a reason for someone’s darkness or lash out. She gives zero apologies and to be honest, as Meg I gotta learn how to properly and gracefully do that more often.  There’s a power in Cindy that’s very easy to tap into when I do homework on her. a power that translates into confidence within myself.

What is the most helpful in the process of finding a character?

Reminding myself to never limit how far you can go. That’s the thing about this job. You can explore, spin and create paradigms and ideas forever. Obviously don’t drive yourself too crazy but it’s ok to get a little crazy. 

What helps you stay sane and tethered these days?

My cat Margot, dinner with my parents Sunday evenings at their home and spending still time in the sauna. 

Any dream role you hope to come your way? 

A good raw drama would be wonderful.  I would also love to work on an off Broadway play in New York for a year or two. 

Do you consider acting or the arts as a vocation or something you were called to do?

Oh! They go hand in hand. I never feel like I’m “working” when I show up on set. It’s always play. I am so grateful to have found the perfect balance of taking my job very seriously but always landing on the fact that I play make believe for a living. 

What inspires you?

Environment has always sparked inspiration. I’ve been visiting Lake Powell since I was 1 years old. As a family we go every year. I always leave feeling stimulated, grounded, calm and hungry for more of that warmth. The talent of my friends and the luck of the draw to have been blessed with the type of brother and sister I have constantly inspires me.

How do you connect your spirit with your work and your day to day?

Truly believing that all of it is art and creation and how humans do that naturally every day without even knowing it. Film and music only capture those moments to share so we can understand each other. My job challenges me to trust myself and trust that I actually trust myself. 

What makes you hopeful after a year of pandemic life? 

The fire everyone is feeling to make up for the lost time is absolutely beautiful to watch and be a part of. Shooting a show during a pandemic was insane but manageable and we made a great season. Knowing people have figured out different ways to collaborate and work with each other proves new potential and confidence in the community. 

What makes you excited about the coming year? 

Life is always surprising and exciting me. Whether that be through writing new music, learning how to live in a new city or falling in love. There are lessons in it all and I know this coming year will bring all of it.

Talent: Meg DeLacy
Photographer: Heather Gildroy
Stylist: Amanda Lim
Hair: Richard Collins
Makeup: Brendan Robertson
Interview: Alexandra Bonnet