On December 21st 2019, Esther Anaya put together the event “Once Upon A December.” Having partnered with an organization in Colombia called Fundación a la Rueda Rueda
(Rueda Rueda Foundation), she learned a lot about certain issues at end. After all, this is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping kids from 6 to 17 years old take on a new perspective on life through the joy and sound of music. There are currently 75 violin students in need of musical instruments and Anaya made it her mission to ensure they get access to that and more.

                                          Esther Anaya wearing DULCE BESTIA

The event took place at Senator Jones and around 400 people partook in this amazing event! The show was a magical journey of songs of various rhythms and places. Esther’s violin, her voice, the orchestra and the dancers transported the audience on a journey of emotions they will never forget.

The fundraising goal was $30,000 which would allow multiple things to happen:

• $300 / student
• 75 students
• 75 violins
• Music curriculum designed by Esther Anaya taught by local Colombian teachers.
• 75 hours of private lessons with Esther
• 75 hours of private lessons with Denise drummer and percussionist.
• Field trip to Cobeñas
• Rent bus
• 1 night stay at cabañas
• Lunch for 100
• Esther and Kids Violin Concert at the end of the gift week. (Concert location – Monteria)
• 1 movie projector and sound equipment to project classes
• Duration of program 3 months.
• Delivery Date: February 2020
• Program start date: March 2nd 2020

                              Esther Anaya wearing MARTA MILJANIC & DULCE BESTIA

As Anaya shared, “I want to help them accomplish their dreams by offering them the jumpstart mentorship they need as well as the proper equipment. My violin is the way I express myself and every kid deserves to have their own instrument of expression. Music has transformed my life and I hope this experience can be recreated with your help.”””

More events to come soon as Esther Anaya makes a difference a little more every day.

Photographer: Nancy Woo
Instagram @nasaiphoto