Yesterday, the much-anticipated Miss USA 2020 pageant took place and the notable Latina CEO and Philanthropist Carolyn Aronson was a Judge on the Selection Committee with an exciting surprise.
Aronson is CEO and Founder of It’s a 10 Haircare, and after over 15 years of growing her cult-favorite haircare brand, she is launching her incredible new makeup brand, Be a 10 Cosmetics, at the pageant!

Carolyn’s passion for helping women find their ‘inner 10’ inspired her to create a simple-yet-dynamic line of cosmetics for day or night.  The certified cruelty-free makeup line boats an extensive range of high-quality products, from mascara and lip glosses, to foundations, highlighters and much more, all of which will exclusively be available on The contestants were the first to experience the products!

Setting itself apart from the competition, Be A 10™ was created for the multi-tasker at heart – the everyday individual in pursuit of easy-to-use makeup that provides a finished, professional-quality look in 10-minutes-or less. When creating the brand, as a seasoned expert, Carolyn looked to her target-market and realized they were overwhelmed by the amount of choices available to them. She aimed to simplify their routines (as she did with her successful haircare line renowned for each product’s ability to solve 10 problems all-in-one bottle) and free up the fussy amount of steps and time our usual routines require. So became a range of products, all of which are multi-use, and can fit in one makeup bag.”From my earliest days in the beauty industry, and through the years leading up to the success of It’s a 10® Haircare, I have always maintained that my products be trusted for quality ingredients and that they truly deliver on the promised benefits and results. That’s why I wanted to enter the cosmetics space, to continue to create products that are easy-to-use and address beauty needs from head to toe.”

At this year’s event held at Graceland in Memphis, It’s a 10 Haircare and Be a 10 Cosmetics were the official hair and makeup sponsors respectively to ensure that every woman participating looked and felt like the 10 out of 10 they truly are.

About Be A 10™ Cosmetics:

Be A 10™ Cosmetics is a high-quality makeup line offering exceptional, multi-purpose products that offer simple beauty solutions. This fully-female-owned makeup brand is dedicated to providing customers with the best makeup experience possible. From priming products, eye shadows, foundation, mascara and everything in Between, Be A 10™ Cosmetics aims to be the one-stop-shop that declutters your makeup bag and create professional-quality beauty looks in 10-minutes-or less.