California Cowboy is dedicated to road trippers who heed the call of California’s legendary Pacific Coast Highway. Bringing to you a hoodie that will revolutionize the way you camp, it is designed for the journey, and they trainedtheir sights on technical features aimed at enhancing your adventure on and off the road. The PCH Full Zip balances durability and fun, like your whiskey by the bonfire.

Blending fashion and practicality, here at BELLO we are obsessed with what the hoodie entails!! Make sure to check out their website and keep reading on to discover the fun and amazing features that come with this fabulous piece of clothing!


  • Double needle stitched bottle pocket with nylon lining is proudly over-engineered to safely hold….your beer

  • Rugged 465 gram French Terry

  • Zip Dry Pocket, keeps your tinder, matches, and tech safe

  • Bottle Opener Pocket contains credit card sized alloy bottle opener

  • Sunglass secure loop facilitates ability to throw shade

  • Secret Pen Pocket

  • Locker Loop hangs tough

  • Double-Layered Hood readies you for triple entendres

  • This Specimen includes a Bottle Opener, Koozie and Conversation Cards