Lawns $29

Potty grass on the go for your favorite little doggo!

Must Love Pibbles Throw (Pup Sized)

Even puppies enjoy being wrapped up! 

The Buddy Bed (Starts at $89.99)

Keep your dog’s bones strong and healthy with this Veterinarians’ recommended bed!

Boomer’s Chicken & Beef Blend $49.98 (2 packs)

Your dog needs its nutrients, so make sure to get the best!


Pet Fabric Stain & Odor Remover $12.95

Dogs can get…messy. So here is a little extra help to get rid of stains and odor…


BUNDLE – 1 Reversible Harness, 1 Leash, 1 Waste Bag Holder $60.99

So your dog can stay up to date with the latest fashion trends…

Turkey Treats $14.99

Delicious turkey treats for what we like to call, “man’s best friend”!


How more adorable can this bone hoodie get?!

Pet Bundle (include 1 Pet Bed, 90 Durable Pet Waste Bags, 1 Waste Bag Dispenser)
The ultimate pet bundle to keep your home and your dog comfortable and clean!
Canine Treats $19.50
Soft canine wellness bars so you and your dog can enjoy a chill night in!
Rock N Bowl $19.99
www.paw5.comMeal time just got a little more challenging…but for a greater reward!

Dash Express Dog Treat Maker $29.99
Time to make your pups some doggie-friendly waffles!