A heated hairbrush to get that easy, on the go straight hair look!

TYMO iONIC $69.99

TYMO specializes in developing hair styling tools (Hair Straightening Brushes, Flat Irons). let’s face it, we have all had and will have many more bad hair days but going to the salon on a daily basis is…well…not something we do. So, how to avoid messy hair?! Thanks to this High-Tech product that  30 seconds fast heat up, it takes all but a few minutes to straighten your messy.

It’s festival season so get into rave mode with these beautiful and reusable face/body gems!

Modern Muse Pley Things Reusable Face + Body Gems – $16

Festival season is here so what better way to celebrate than with these awesome face and body gems!? Providing cruelty-free, sustainable, products and made with ingredients that love your skin back, you can choose from a range of vibrant, high-performing pigments, this is clean beauty with a big impact! More, please!

This is the transformers of purses. From Wallet to crossbody to clutch… you have options!

The Nia 3-in-1 Bag – $250

Pamoja Bags are truly beautiful accessories that also prove to be quite handy! Many of their products transform into a clutch, wallet, and/or crossbody making it the ultimate universal purse! I’ll take 10…what about you?

The perfect blend of pink and gold for that extra oumf in your makeup look!


EM Cosmetics is here to celebrate YOU with their large variety of makeup products ranging from blushes to mascaras and more. Feel your very best when wearing their products and design your perfect look!

Leave your skin smooth, soft, and hydrated after applying the body scrub you always needed!

Great Day Body Scrub $44

NEOM Organics is well aware that we all undergo stress, lack of sleep along with many other issues but worry not! They are here to help… Candles, skincare products, and more, you can easily navigate their website based on the product desired or help needed. It’s time to alleviate that stress!

Perfect piece for Spring: comfortable and stylish!

Embroidered cotton jacket – $445

Sandro Paris takes on the edgy and chic sides of Paris with its wide collection of clothing for everyone! Stay in style with the seasons as you channel your inner fashionista! Let’s not forget the shoes and accessories that they also have 😉 Get your full new look now!


Keep your hair full and healthy with these 100% Vegan Health Supplements!

Let There Be Hair – 100% Vegan Hair Health Supplements $65

It’s important to set time aside for self-care and I don’t know about you guys, but i need to set some extra time aside for my hair many times! Thanks to Evolis, you can maintain full and hair hair with their vegan hair treatment products and supplements! No more stress, just results and we love it.

Takes care of even the driest hands, guaranteed.

Hand Cream – $45

Making your home homey is crucial. It’s your safe space after all! Courtney Cox decided to act on this and sought out the best perfumers to create custom fragrances; worked alongside skincare chemists to develop non-toxic, yet incredibly effective formulas, and collaborated with trailblazers in sustainable design to launch this collection of, well, beauty products for the home. Take a look and fall in love with Homecourt!

A boot camp for your eyes with a four step routine to lift, firm, and improve dark circles under the eyes!

Lab Insider™ 30-Day Eye Boot Camp™ $129

Quality skincare products with Skinn. Set some time aside for your face cleansing rituals and dive into all the products they have to offer. Whether you need to control oily skin, puffiness, blemishes, and more, they have a product for you!

Broken hearts made whole…In necklace form of course!

Searching For A Friend Set – Gold $42

Eco-friendly quality jewelry pieces to treat yourself or a loved one. Not only that, these durable pieces from Ready-Made are affordable and made for everyone! Inspired by space, express your true self through jewelry!

Cream multi-stick colour for anywhere you want! Simple and easy!

Velvet Colour Sticks $28

Thanks to authenticity, social activism, and a community of empowered voices, Evio’s making big waves today — where beauty and skin care products are a means for real change.That’s right! They not only make amazing beauty products but they do so with the intent of bringing change and solidarity to the table! Here at Bello, WE 100% BACK THIS UP!

Keep your skin young and glowing with this prickly per face cream!


Irene Forte’s family originates from Italy and as she learned more and developed her understanding of skin health and overall wellness, she realized that Sicily’s rich organic ingredients and the bountiful produce of Verdura’s organic farm made the perfect base for a skincare line with health and wellness at its heart. Cleansers, moisturizers, scrubs, and many more, get a feel of Italy and keep your skin happy!