A stunning view of Monte Carlo which overlooks the blue waters of the French Riveria

Monaco, the world’s second-smallest country and sovereign European city-state, is home to one of the continent’s most sought-after destinations: the microstate’s largest quarter, Monte Carlo.

Situated along the gorgeous blue expanse of the French Riveria with clear views of the tall Maritime Alps, the district is known for its extravagant display of luxury and wealth which has made it world-famous for decades on end.

In this article, we outline those must-have experiences in Monte Carlo which are sure to exude elegance, charm, and grandeur for both locals and visitors alike.

Stay a Night at the 5-Star Hôtel Hermitage 

Hôtel Hermitage is the place to rest your head after a long day exploring Monaco’s finest ward. An accommodation experience unlike any other, guests will stay at the very heart of the city-state in the finest 5-star resort imaginable.

From the exclusive room terrace specifically, the port is in full view and houses luxurious yachts and boats to gaze upon, not to mention the Mediterranean Sea which is at guests’ full disposal. Other suites share the same style and elegance found throughout the entirety of the hotel. Built in 1896, this palace-style structure is one of the oldest still-active hotels in the entire microstate.

Play Thrilling Games at the Monte Carlo Casino

Once you’ve enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Hermitage’s extensive buffet, walk just two minutes across the street to Place du Casino, the Principality’s main center and home to the fourth oldest casino in the entire continent, the famous Monte-Carlo Casino.

Although the charming facility first opened its doors back in 1856, it still stands today and invites tourists to enter and enjoy both table and slot games inside. Guests will be delighted by the casino’s sparkling chandeliers, marble columns, finely polished tables and intricate paintings which line the halls. When it comes to luxurious experiences, this one is truly unforgettable.

The exterior architecture of the historic Monte-Carlo Casino represents that of the Belle Époque era which was predominant in France and Europe from 1880 to 1914

Go Shopping in the Famous Carré d’Or District

Unsurprisingly, given the amount of wealth in Monaco, the microstate boasts some of the best named-brand luxury shopping available in Europe. For the best window browsing or buying adventure, head on down to the district of Carré d’Or where high-end boutiques can be found on every corner.

Additionally, while you stroll down the street admiring world-famous luxury retailers like Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and Repossi, gorgeous historic buildings surround you with their historic architectural flair. Although your budget may not allow you to shop ‘til you drop, it is always free to enjoy the unique surroundings of the Carré d’Or neighborhood.

Enjoy a One-of-a-Kind Spa Day at Thermes Marins Monte Carlo

Is it really a luxury vacation without a trip to the spa? Well, good thing the Thermes Marins Monte Carlo has been pleasing customers for centuries with their relaxing and diverse spa treatment options performed by leading experts in the industry.

The great thing about Thermes Marins is that it is situated just steps from the port so that after you finish your treatment you can continue the easygoing afternoon by soaking up the sun. Whether laying out by the beach or the harbor, be sure to remember to pack a pair of designer sunglasses and a trendy swimsuit.

Dine at a Michelin Star Restaurant

Last but not least, no trip to Monte Carlo is complete without savoring the delectable cuisine crafted by top-rated local and international chefs. Pair your meal with a tall glass of Champagne, the nation beverage of Monaco, and enjoy a range of unique flavors that will leave you breathless. In addition to French cuisine, Monte Carlo-based restaurants also have a good selection of Thai and Japanese options to choose from. For a full guide which includes number of stars and dining description, check out this detailed list.