In support of Mental Health Awareness month, NAKED Cashmere partnered up with evolvetogether in support. A brand that aims to bring comfort and warmth to its customers’ lives, every piece released has a sense of purpose behind it.

Looking back, it was amazing to see NAKED Cashmere come together with Evolve Together to create a limited-edition face mask to help fight mental health stigmas and support mental well-being by reminding people to be kind to your mind. For every set of masks sold, NAKED Cashmere donated $5 to Silence the Shame, a nonprofit organization that provides education and awareness about mental health through crisis response trainings, community conversations, and other initiatives to peel back the layers of shame, eliminate stigma, and provide support for mental well-being.

Available exclusively on, the disposable masks retail for $25 (15 pack) and come in black and white. When buying their masks you are not only keeping yourself safe but also helping others in need! And we LOVE that!