Loren Lott, now starring as Ana Hamilton on CBS’s “The Young and the Restless,” has a versatile past filled with dedication and hard work leading up to this point in her career. She began auditioning for roles at only thirteen years old with the help of her manager in Hollywood before moving to Atlanta to attend Clark Atlanta University. Lott successfully earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media Arts while still pursuing acting, landing roles in television shows such as “Powers” and “Greenleaf” while in Atlanta. Lott’s talent and success go beyond acting and education, extending to the musical realm as well. She competed in Season 14 of “American Idol” and secured a spot in the top 16 of the season. This experience on “American Idol” segued her career in theatre, where she starred as Ti Moune on Broadway’s Once on This Island” and landed a role as Gladys Night in “Motown the Musical,” understudying none other than Diana Ross. BELLO got the chance to chat with Loren and ask her a few questions about her past projects, future goals, and successful career.


Q.  You play Ana Hamilton in the new TV series, “The Young and the Restless.” How excited are you about your role in the series?

I am very excited!  I love playing Ana and getting to know her and bring her to life.  I feel so blessed.


Q.  How did you enjoy your role as Ti Moune the Broadway play “Once on this Island”?

I loved playing Ti Moune. It was a pretty draining role, but I loved performing in a round theater and forcing my self to get lost in the story and stay so committed.  I was so honored to look in the audience and see children. Especially when they looked like me, and know that seeing me could change their lives forever as so many have done for me.


Q.  What was it like to be an understudy for Diana Ross on a national tour when you were younger?

That was my first Broadway anything so I was so excited and grateful to have that job.  And to play the icon, Diana Ross, sometimes.  It was amazing.  I loved being so glamorous and fabulous.  I loved having people be so excited to tell me that I sounded just like Diana or that I reminded them of their childhood.  I loved being apart of the Motown family like my favorite entertainer ever, Michael Jackson.


Q. How did your experience on “American Idol” help you in your career today?

It made me brave that’s for sure. I didn’t really have a backbone before that show, but after that show, I was introduced to strolls and the dark side of being in front of America. It made me stronger. If I can survive that, then I can survive anything. It didn’t really progress my career in my opinion. It added to my credibility whenever I got a job though. Ironic.


Q. How would you describe your sense of style?

I think my style is effortless. I am not too crazy with my options, but I like to do enough to be chic. I like the challenge of making something comfortable look glamorous.


Q. You said becoming a Disney princess is one of your ultimate goals. What drew you towards that interest?

I have always loved all things, Disney.  Disneyland, Disney princesses, Disney songs. I love classic Disney. I feel like every Disney princess even the new ones are classic. They are so inspiring and I know a lot of us have subconsciously made a lot of life decisions because of a princess. Whether it’s finding a “Cinderella’ wedding dress or hoping to find the perfect guy like a prince, or having long beautiful hair like Ariel or living your life searching for that feeling you had of warmth and inspiration as a child that these Disney princesses had something to do with. I want to be a part of making someone a better person. I want to sing songs that bring a child comfort even as an adult. I want to be a part of that feel good feeling.


Q.  You have a strong love for your family how great has their support been to your career?

My mother is truly my spine. She worked extra so that I wouldn’t have to get a regular job and miss out on opportunities. She used all of her sick days taking me to Los Angeles for auditions and flying to New York for callbacks. My grandparents always gave me their cars so we could take as many trips as needed to wherever I was needed. My Aunt and Uncle would fly out just to see a play. EVERY play. My mom and Grandma paid for voice lessons until I could do it myself. My twin brother missed a bunch of sleep while I sang getting ready to perform and my mother never let me give up when I got discouraged. Without that, I don’t know what I would be doing. I’m so grateful, especially for my mom.  Even when it took others a little more time to gain faith in me.  She started with it! I am so blessed.


Q. How do you dedicate your time outside of your busy acting schedule?

I sing a lot. I always train. I drive my vocal coach Tara Simone Studios crazy.  She loves it.  Mostly. I like to DIY things also (Do It Yourself). I have a lot of fun turning a table into something glamorous and making my own decor. I love hanging out with my friends and making videos!  I have to go to the movies often. It keeps me inspired and not too comfortable where I am. I also workout and I dance and on a rare occasion, I draw.  I’m currently looking for a good volunteering program or ministry to get involved in.

photo by Tommy Flanagan

Intro by Mercedes Banwart