These days it can be difficult to be able to spend quality time with your family. We tend to be so busy with everything going on in our lives that we barely have the time to talk to each other. If you want to have a strong family though, you need to find opportunities for that quality time you need. 

Spending time together as a family serves to strengthen that family bond. It can improve your children’s academic performance and assist your children with developing parenting skills while lessening the chances of drug abuse, violence, and even behavioral issues like aggression. Distractions like cell phones, video games, and TV have been increasingly keeping families from spending quality time together that they need. Here’s a quick look at a few ideas for spending time together as a family.

Beach Day

Why not load up the kids and head for the nearest beach? Grab the sunblock, your surfboard, and a picnic lunch. You can make sandcastles, play a variety of games right on the beach, collect shells, swim, and more. A beach trip is incredibly fun when you’re with the whole family. You’re able to bond with them in a way that’s enjoyable.


Barbecuing is also a great idea for a family outdoor activity. Let the kids have fun in the swimming pool while you warm up the grill and cook lunch. Call your family members who live nearby and gear up for a great get together. Each family branch can have its own responsibility. For example, have each family unit bring a dish to share with the rest of the family. Have the family with the most backyard space host your event and task several family members with planning activities for the day.

Home Movie Night

Most kids enjoy seeing how they were as even younger humans, which is why a good family activity to try is having a home movie night. Pop in one of your myriad tapes of their younger years or make a slideshow of them growing up using your pictures. Kids can also be fascinated by their parent’s wedding tapes too. That being said, if the video is a massively long one, you might want to have an itchy finger on the fast forward button. If you bore them to death, they’ll be reluctant to repeat the activity.

Family Competition

Looking for something to do for a weekend family activity? Why not have an art competition? All you need is a few odds and ends, some tape, glue, markers, crayons, and other art supplies. When you get your kids involved in group activities, you’re actually encouraging feelings of competence and self-esteem. You can make the competition even more memorable by awarding each child with a little prize for their creation.


Arrange a football game with some of your friends. Or maybe a Frisbee game or tennis match. Ask the kids to arrange matches for younger children as well as adults. This is an activity that serves two purposes. First, it allows you to have fun as a family. Second, it allows you to get a bit of that much-needed exercise. If you want to make this a bigger activity, you can even look for a sponsor or two and make it a neighborhood activity. 

There are a plethora of ways to spend quality time with your family, and a few of them you’ve just read. Spending time together as a family will help to build cherished memories and is never a waste of time. It will make your home a place that’s more cheerful and will assist with communication between your family members.