You would think Moncler next move would come from a “genius” inspirational moment on top of a snowy European mountain. For Remo Ruffini it took a hike on the sunny dusty trails above Los Angeles.

“After pouring resources into its Genius initiative, whose 2018 launch promised a new marketing strategy for a world where consumers crave newness at the speed of Instagram, Moncler plans to temporarily wind down the program so it can redirect investment and marketing to its main line in addition to the Grenoble relaunch.”

“On a recent Sunday hike through the canyons above Bel Air, California, Remo Ruffini was surprised to see how packed the trails were with well-to-do, sporty Millennials, who increasingly spend their time (and money) on hiking and mountain sports.

“I was shocked,” said Ruffini, who is the chairman and chief executive of Italian outerwear giant Moncler. “I saw more people I knew there than I do on Rodeo Drive,” the luxury shopping hub where his brand has its Los Angeles flagship.

Not enough of those people, it seems, were wearing Moncler.”

The Business of Fashion

Remo Ruffini should have known that LA hike is where it’s at.

Moncler is truly the only brand on the planet whose DNA is fused to the slopes and the only brand who can truly marry high-fashion with the technical mountain apparel. A little trip down Grenoble memory lane will do Moncler good. We are excited to see what’s next …