XIVI’s Fall Collection has a lot of surprises. One of them is the ‘Shades Loop’, an essential piece for fashionistas looking for comfort. Our team at Bello is always enthusiastic about designers able to combine functionality and style.

The ‘Shades Loop’ is meticulously designed to ensure your sunglasses are always within reach. Positioned on the outerwear’s right chest for the new season, this thoughtfully placed loop transforms the transition from outdoors to indoors into a seamless experience. No more searching for your sunglasses; the ‘Shades Loop’ provides a secure and convenient spot to keep them, allowing you to effortlessly switch between shaded and indoor spaces. Elevate your convenience and style with this distinctive feature, making your Fall wardrobe not only fashionable but also functional.

Learn more at www.xi-vi.com and follow their social media @xivi.official

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