Leave the outside world behind and enter one of the most serene locations on the Amalfi Coast, where the bustle of town life and winding roads of traffic become a distant memory and are replaced with sounds of birds chirping and fountains trickling as well as abundant aromas of rose, jasmine, and citrus.  Lush gardens, appropriately planted to represent all of the beauty that the Mediterranean fauna and flora have to offer, provide an escape from it all.  Relax, sit back and let the botanical wonderland intoxicate you with all of its pleasures. Welcome to Monastero Santa Rosa.

Originally built in the late 17th century, the monastery/convent* came to life through the ambition of Sister Rosa Pandolfi, a descendant of the noble family Pontone di Scala who had taken up residence in Conca dei Marini. The antique church of Santa Maria di Grado, sadly reduced to ruins, was a gift to Sister Rosa. Having the means to make a difference, she funded the monastery’s construction built adjacent to the church for the ‘sacred virgins.’ Upon completion in 1681, the convent was dedicated to the glorious St. Rose of Lima.Over the years the sisters contributed in many ways to the local community. Most notably, the nuns provided the design and funding for an aqueduct from Mount Vocito to Piazza Olmo to provide water for the inhabitants of the municipality. Even today, a plaque stands near the piazza’s fountain in the town square commemorating this noble gesture. The nuns created a viable business through their apothecary by concocting effective remedies to treat common afflictions using the herbs and flowers from their vast gardens. The sisters also became renowned for the now famous Sfogliatella Santa Rosa recipe, which they created in their refectory to help soothe the ailing stomach of their Mother Superior. Read more …

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