Spotify’s recent New Music Friday playlist consisted of many songs that perfectly transitions us into fall, including Spencer Barnett’s “Slow It Down”. This song is a combination of Barnett’s smooth vocals and relaxing beat while maintaining a catchiness that encourages you to sing along. The song discusses Barnett’s experience living in Los Angeles as an artist and the constant temptation one can face. His style is innovative and captivating, combining multiple genres to create music that fits multiple moods.

Barnett continues to add achievements to his list at only 19. He has been featured on many popular Spotify playlists in addition to New Music Friday such as Pop Rising and Breaking Pop. He is now on the music roster at Paradigm alongside musicians such as Billie Eilish and Shawn Mendes which shows this is only the beginning of what is sure to be a career of hit songs.

Along with “Slow It Down”, Barnett has also released “48 Hours in Paris,” “eta,” and “Welcome to My Mind.” These songs will be included in the final EP that will conclude Barnett’s EP trilogy. You can listen to “Slow It Down” on all digital platforms now (and add it to your fall playlists)!

By Aris Pangan
Photo Credit: Bellamy Brewster