Today, rising singer/songwriter Mishaal releases highly anticipated debut EP, Life’s A Ride via RCA Records. Click HERE to listen.

Along with the project release, Mishaal also shares the London-shot, cinematic visual for standout track “Run Baby” which finds him singing in both English and Spanish. Click HERE to watch.

On the release of the project, Mishaal shares: “I’ve come from the most unlikely of places and yet I find myself in an even more unlikely place. Thank you for giving me strength to hit the ground running and I hope I can do the same for you. Let’s see what ups, downs, twists and turns this ride called life throws our way.”

Mishaal emerged earlier this year with his tracks “Friends” ft. Powfu, “I Don’t Wanna Wait For Summer,” “Mister Mister” which all appear on Life’s A Ride. Through each release Mishaal intended to share deeper meaning and purpose.

The previously released visual for “Peddle Bike” finds Mishaal pushing and pedaling through the open fields until he ultimately crashes and suffers an injury, a metaphor for the meaning behind the song. “Mister Mister” is a song about addiction that was inspired by a loved one’s harrowing battle with the disease.

With everything Mishaal creates and each new release, he hopes to spread his message with the world.

Photo Credit: Mattias Russo Larsson & Lewis Atallah

Listen to Life’s A Ride, watch “Run Baby” and keep an eye out for more from Mishaal coming soon.

Life’s A Ride Tracklist:

  1. Bruce Lee
  2. Arabian Nights
  3. I Don’t Wanna Wait For Summer
  4. Mister Mister
  5. Friends feat. Powfu
  6. Run Baby

Listen to Life’s A Ride:

Watch “Run Baby”:

Listen/Watch “Peddle Bike”:

Listen to “Mister Mister”:

Listen/Watch “I Don’t Wanna Wait For Summer”:

Listen to “Friends” ft. Powfu:

About Mishaal

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia to a Saudi father and Ecuadorian mother, Mishaal blends his diverse background to create incredible and unique pop music in English, Arabic and Spanish. A multi-talented and multi-lingual artist, he also plays instruments including the guitar.  After breaking his arm when he was 9 years old in a freak accident, a doctor gifted Mishaal with his own guitar to rehabilitate his arm back to health for physical therapy since there weren’t many resources available in Saudi. The guitar helped him maintain positivity and also allowed him to fully realize his love for instruments and music, at a time when he was not exposed to western music and struggled with being bullied due to his diverse background. His uncle first introduced him to artists like Michael Jackson, Elvis and Stevie Wonder through compilation CDs which he purchased on trips to America for work, but it wasn’t until years later that he heard his first LP in full, Frank Ocean’s Blonded.

At age 12, Mishaal learned English through YouTube videos and pursued better education at an international school in Jordan where he was able to further explore his passion for computer science and eventually apply for colleges in the US. After being accepted by two prestigious universities: MIT for engineering and NYU for the Clive Davis Institute, Mishaal decided his passion for music and the arts was the direction his heart was telling him to go in.

The world first heard from Mishaal in 2018 when he began uploading demos recorded at home with an Xbox microphone to his YouTube page. They immediately gained attention and amassed millions of views and streams on Spotify and eventually led to many artists sampling his work.  In 2019, he followed up and posted his first official release “Arabian Knights” to SoundCloud along with a self-shot music video, which now has nearly 2.5 million views. It created immediate buzz and he began building a loyal fanbase. As he releases his first piece of new music in 2020, Mishaal will continue to win fans over with his incredible story, honest, relatable songwriting and mesmerizing vocals.