Innovative Technology for your kids that you can trust!

The eFloat is a cute bathtub thermometer that helps parents closely monitor the temperature of the bathtub to help prevent babies getting sick. It’s hard to guess the right water temps for babies – this fun design and helpful gadget will alert you if the water becomes too cold or is too hot for baby’s safety. eFloat – Baby Bathtub Thermometer – $18.95

The eTherm is a new, high-tech forehead thermometer that gives an accurate baby temp by absorbing infrared energy from the skin. Quick contact with the forehead or ear will give you an accurate temp and help parents manage baby health and safety. eTherm – Forehead and Ear Thermometer – $29.95

The eClip is an innovative device that easily attaches in the backseat of the car and alerts parents via Bluetooth on their smartphone if they walk away from their car without their child. This one-of-a-kind tech is a preventative measure all parents should have because even the most loving parents have tragic accidents and forget their babies in hot cars by mistake. eClip – Baby Car Seat Alarm – $44.95


My Little House by SmartFelt Toys ($39.99)
This game merges fun and education as it brings to you a multi-sensory, interactive felt toy which can be used  flat, or easily transformed into a unique reversible 3-dimensional playset. It helps kids advance their language AND creative skills, ensuring all areas are being covered! Great for children 3 years old or more, make sure to add this item to their holiday wish list!
Printed Zippered Romper In Whale ($33)

This brand was founded in 2014 by Ying Liu who wanted to find better and quality material for her sensitive baby’s skin. After lots of research,  she was directed to the soothing and sustainable properties of bamboo. From there,  Kyte BABY was launched as it uses environmentally-intelligent fabric in clothing for, babies, toddlers, and moms. You can be sure your skin will feel softer than ever!

Care Bears Cotton Long-Sleeve Twinkle One Piece ($10.99)
Who doesn’t love a good CareBear piece?! Pat Pat teamed up with CareBear and put their ideas together to create the perfect fit for children! PatPat’s NEW collaboration with the world’s friendliest bears features vibrant colors, positive messages, and premium fabrics that help boys and girls feel good and do good!
Little Kids Bahama Junior Sneaker ($39.95)
Children deserve to look their best too and being a huge shoe fan myself, here at BELLO, we fell in love with Sperry’s “Little Kids Bahama Junior Sneaker.” Comfortable, flexible, and in boat style, it is also fitted with memory foam for comfort and stability. They thought of everything so make sure to get a pair for your little one!
CrunchCup ($18.95)
During that morning rush, it can get hectic and breakfast on the go finds itself being the only solution at times!  With The CrunchCup, you can take your cereal with you— no spoon or hassle needed! Perfect for commuters, parents, and anyone else with a hectic schedule,  The CrunchCup is a 12-ounce outer chamber and 10-ounce inner chamber that separately holds milk and cereal. All you do is lift and your milk and cereal are ready–spill-free, hassle-free…a parent’s true dream!
SplatMat ($16.99)

Yes, eating can get messy. Let’s face it, our children can get messy at times but so can we! So, why not relieve the stress of cleaning after we feed our kids dinner and get the “SplatMat”? SplatMat is a multi-purpose accessory that goes under a child’s chair to catch spilled food, protect floors during art projects and any other messy indoor OR outdoor adventure for which you need a little extra protection. You will want to add this to your home!

Baby Gift Sets ($44.99)

This set includes the PaciPal Teether Blanket, Bandana Teether Bib, PaciGrip LUXE, PaciGrip Silicone, and BlanketGrip. All products are:

  • Nickel- and lead-free metal; safe clips with smooth, beveled edges are gentle on fabrics
  • BPA, PVC, and phthalate free
  • Compliant with all CPSIA guidelines

Made in different patterns with different stuffed animal characters, you will want to add this to your child’s collection!

Kid’s Craft Kits ($32.99)

It’s time to get creative! Each kit comes with a variety of fun supplies to help kids enjoy and develop their crafting skills by making necklaces, bracelets, key-chain/lanyard clips, and more. Let them become their own designers.

Kiki Boxes ($150+)
Prepping your child’s party can become stressful–and quick. You find yourself running around many different stores as you try to get through your list quickly because, well, you can’t just drop everything! KikiBoxes eliminate the stress of planning and shopping so that you can spend more time enjoying the party. Each box is loaded with chic, boutique party products that will make your dream party a roaring success.
Mini Backpack (36.99)

Celebrate children of color this holiday season with this awesome line created by two sisters and moms who were tired of not seeing characters that represented their children. A brand with meaning and purpose, this adorable collection would make an awesome holiday gift idea! It’s important to educate children about acceptance and solidarity as they are the “future of our world.”

Dowdle Folkart Puzzles ($24.99)
Rebuild your favorite cities with Dowdle Folkhart Puzzles. No matter where you wish to fidn yourself in the world, they have it! A great activity for those lazy Sunday afternoons or after a long day of work, these puzzles bring fun and education all in one! Perfect for the family, make sure to travel to your favorite city today!
Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow ($16)

Kids need a distraction sometimes, so why not give them safe and fun things to blast off into the air? These all-foam fliers are perfect for the smaller set. They can fly up to 100 feet in the air and glow in the dark for daytime and nighttime fun. Parents, take a break, sit back and relax as your kids get mesmerzied by the toys launching in the sky!

Buddha Board Mini (14.95)

When self doubt and stress creep in, take a depe breath and turn to your Buddha Board Mini. This small yet mighty version of the classic Buddha Board is all you need to get back into the moment. Compact enough to conveniently fit in your backpack, luggage, or purse, you can pull it out at a moment’s notice and start doodling, drawing, or writing. As the water dries you’ll receive a clean slate and, ultimately, a clear mind. Futhermore, it opens up kids’ creativity bringing health and education!